How to remove Holi colors from your face?

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Who doesn’t like to play Holi? Whether it is children or adults, everybody is enthusiastic about Holi. And why not? The festival of colors brings along with itself so much fun, frolic and sheer joy for everyone. The morning of Holi in India is unlike anywhere else in the world. Kids are the first ones to start; running around wild across the streets with their water balloons and water guns, splashing each other gleefully. The adults and seniors join in a few hours later with a riot of colors. No one goes out and returns without being drenched and smeared with colors. Holi indeed is a festival of sweet Gujiya, colorful Gulal, and unlimited masti for all.

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But for many of us, Holi also denotes a lot of stress and apprehension with regard to the adulterated colors ruining our skin, especially that of the face. It is a dreadful nightmare for most women to spend half the day playing Holi and the other half, scrubbing their faces with all types of soaps and ointments to remove tough color marks until their skin begins to hurt.

Not to worry! Here are a few tips to make sure that you enjoy the festival of colors to your heart’s content without worrying about what the colors will do to your skin later:

1) Oiling- The first and most important step is to apply coconut oil or almond oil on your hair and all the exposed parts of your skin before you even many people may not like to apply of people may not like to apply either coconut or almond oil on their faces. In that case, you can even use a good amount of moisturizer on your face, hands, and other parts of the body (except your hair) to achieve the same result. The oil or the moisturizer forms a protective layer over your skin and blocks stubborn colors from coming in direct contact with it. After the festival is over, you can easily remove the colors by washing them off with a mild cleanser. Tscrubbing or rubbing easily without the need to scrub or rub your skin.

2) Cold water rinse- Always use cold water to rinse your skin after playing Holi. Do not use hot or warm water to remove the color from your skin as this will further harden the stain to remove.

3) Face pack- In the case of harder stains of color on your face, you can also prepare a face pack with honey and papaya as ingredients. You can apply this pack on your face after mixing it with Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and leave it for a couple of minutes before washing it off. This will help to make the color patches lighter and fade away faster.

4) Home remedies- Another alternative to removing tough color patches from your skin is a besan pack mixed with curd, turmeric, olive oil, and lemon juice. This special face pack will also make your skin radiant and soft besides removing the color patches.

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5) Moisturize- Sometimes a slight burning or irritating sensation could be felt after removing excessive color from your face and arms, especially in the case of soft and delicate skin types. After a bath, one can use a fair amount of body lotion or moisturizer to help moisturize and comfort your skin from this irritating sensation.

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And with the above tips, you can make sure to celebrate a memorable and colorful Holi with your loved ones without the fear of spending the rest of the day scrubbing your face.

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