The Hanging Pillar Of Veerbhadra Temple

The Veerabhadra temple, also known as Lepakshi temple, is located in the Lipakshi district of Andhra Pradesh. The Temple have been built between 1530 and 1545 by Virupanna and Veeranna, two ambitious brothers who were governors under the Vijayanagara Empire during the reign of King Achyuta Deva Raya. The temple is known for its architectural beauty, however, what catches hold of most of the visitors is the hanging pillar of the temple. Although, there are 70 pillars in the temple, one pillar which lies hanging in the premises of temple is the real piece of wonder. Thus, many people who visit the temple pass a piece of cloth through the bottom of the pillar, to test its reality. The mystery behind how this pillar stays intact without any support remains a unknown till date.

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