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Rediscover the golden era of Ramayana in enchanting fragrances and Madhubani paintings

Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, environment-friendly incense sticks and pooja dhoop sticks, have introduced for the first time ever in India an extremely unique and exquisite collection of premium incense sticks which you would have never come across before. The Shripad Ramayana Series is a unique collection of ten exotic variants which inspire soulful prayers through their divine and captivating fragrances.
The Shripad Ramayana Series from the house of Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop is a mystical collection of ten eloquent variants; each inspired from ten most significant events of lord Shri Rama’s life. Each of these ten variants are conceived and developed from natural ingredients and are absolutely charcoal free. Each pack contains six incense sticks which when lit, lasts for 30 to 35 minutes. These are absolutely safe for the environment and does not cause any irritation to nose or throat.
The best part about the Shripad Ramayana Series is the magnificent Madhubani Paintings, world famous for their rich hues and artistry. Each of the ten packs in the Shripad Ramayana series are adorned with aesthetic Madhubani paintings depicting the particular event of Shri Rama’s life, starting from Prabhu Avtaran – the birth of lord Rama as the son of king Dashrath to Agni Pariksha – the test of fire by Sita Mata to prove her purity.

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