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Earn 10 Blessing Coins

PRABHU SHRI RAM DIVYA HAVAN SAMAGRI is available in a 400 gm pack and includes herbs and special sacred natural ingredients for pious occasions and Pooja purpose. Our Samagri creates an aura of divinity and ensures the prayers reach the almighty. It is ideal for all types of havans including weddings, house warming, bhumi-pujan, naming ceremonies etc. It wards away all negativity and brings forth a positive and happy aura.

Havan Samagri, a mixture of various dried herbs, roots, leaves which is offered in ablazed fire to purify the environment and attain spiritual enlightenment. PRABHU SHRI RAM DIVYA HAVAN SAMAGRI purifies and cleanses your home of all ills and pollutants using a mix of 24 most sacred ingredients. When burned, the unique herbs and bushes eliminate dangerous bacteria and provide peace and tranquility as well as wealth, health, and prosperity.


  • Purifies environment around removes harmful bacteria.
  • It invites wealth, health, and happiness.
  • Pleasant to senses, the herbal qualities are auspicious.
  • Makes surroundings refreshing and soulful.
  • Causes no irritation to senses, it exudes positive energies.

INGREDIENTS: Kapoor kachri, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, Dhoop wood, Silaras dried, Agar , Tagar, Kamalgatta, Deodar chips, Pine bark, Rose petals, Phool makhana, Filler jadi chips, Shatawari leaves crushed, Chandan wood powder, Loban, Guggal, Haldi, Kala til, Jow, Balchhad, Chhadchhabil, Bhojpatra.

1 review for Divya Havan Samagri| Havan Samagri

  1. surendra

    I use it from last 1 year and satisfied with the quantity and quality of the product each and every ingredients mixed perfectly.

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