‌Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop Lifestyle Diwali Gift Box


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This Lifestyle Gift box from Prabhu ShriRam Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop is an international collection of nine incense sticks with some of the finest and most alluring fragrances. The calming fragrance of these incense sticks fills your soul with Ecstasy and helps to infuse your life with uplifting energies. The premium fragrances in this gift box are inspired by the enthusiastic energy of the youth. The vibrant energy of youth is full of confidence, and they are always up to achieve every dream in their life. Indulge your senses in the soft and soothing aroma of these incense sticks and recall your happiest moments.

The fragrances found in this gift box are Bloom, Boutique, Cinamore, Ennis, Gloria, Music Time, Red, Trance, and Twist. Their exquisite aroma is captivating and leaves you spellbound. The natural fragrance of these incense sticks adds peace, happiness, and prosperity to your surroundings. Lit these incense sticks and eradicate the negativity around you.

Additional Features:

  • Charcoal free
  • 100% Natural & Chemical Fragrance
  • Does not irritate nose or throat
  • Ensures hygienic environment

1 review for ‌Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop Lifestyle Diwali Gift Box

  1. Kapil Tyagi

    Great product nice fragrance feeling great i think all needs to try it.

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