Trance Charcoal Free Premium Incense Stick Charcoal Free Agarbatti | 34 Sticks


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Earn 8 Blessing Coins

PRABHU SHRIRAM’S TRANCE INCENSE STICKS from the LIFESTYLE COLLECTION has a reassuring sense of harmony and will connect your conscience with the divine. It’s holy fragrance will create within you a sense of self awareness and leave you spiritually synchronized with the almighty. Each pack contains 34 incense sticks with a unique fragrance.

Indulge your senses with the exotic fragrance of TRANCE INCENSE STICKS richly crafted for elegant surroundings. The heavenly scent of Trance Incense sticks will enrapture you and make you feel one with the Universe. Trance Incense sticks are charcoal-free and environment-friendly and have no adverse effects even when used for longer durations.


  • Accomplish the peak of luxury.
  • Attain peace with your conscience.
  • For life’s exotic  enthusiasts.
  • Charcoal-free, has no ill effects on health.
  • Helps retain inner balance.
  • Evokes meditative thoughts.
  • Ensures hygienic environment.
  • Inspires peace and happiness.
  • 100% Natural and Chemical Free Fragrance.
  • Does not irritate the nose or throat.

3 reviews for Trance Charcoal Free Premium Incense Stick Charcoal Free Agarbatti | 34 Sticks

  1. Sachin Jeswani

    wonderful fragrance

  2. Simran Tandon

    The fragrance is divine. I bought this product just to try it out but the fragrance is so good that I ordered the rest of the 9 variations as well.


    Super Se V Upper


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