Once upon a time, in a realm far beyond the ordinary, there existed a mystical kingdom known as Prabhu Shriram, where fragrance meets luxury. This extraordinary emporium was no ordinary store, for it held within its walls treasures and wonders that could enchant even the weariest of souls.

Legend has it that beneath the store’s foundation lay a magical vault, safeguarding a priceless treasure: the Blessing Coins. In the land of Prabhu Shriram, every customer who ventured through its doors was bestowed with the gift of Blessing Coins.

Whenever a customer made a purchase, the enchanted treasure would awaken and a delightful dance of shimmering light would ensue. And so, the tale of the Blessing Coins became an enchanting legend, shared from generation to generation. With each purchase, customers receive a magnificent gift of Blessing Coins, an enchanting reward equal to 10% of their purchase value.

But the true wonder lay in the mysterious nights when the moon shone brightest. The Blessing Coins possessed a spellbinding power on these magical nights, for they multiplied in value. Yes, beloved shopper, every Blessing Coin earned during these nights will double, triple, or multiply to any magical number of its original worth!

Come, dear seeker of fragrant treasures and magical nights, venture forth into the enchanted world of Prabhu Shriram, and let the Blessing Coins guide you on a journey of happiness, peace & prosperity.