Ganpati Bappa Good Luck Puja Pack

Welcome to the fragrant world of Prabhu Shriram – Incense With A Story. With every product and every packaging, our brand works towards promoting rich Indian art, culture, and traditions. Marketed by Mode Retails Sales and Marketing Pvt Ltd, the Prabhu Shriram brand has been rapidly widening its consumer base with its premium, Charcoal Free Agarbatti sticks made with purely natural ingredients. The divine fragrance of the mix of ancient herbs and natural flowers makes our agarbatti (incense sticks) unique from the rest. Our agarbattis are curated after thorough research and scientific methods to relieve stress and negative energies from the body. The Incense Sticks and Luxury Dhoop can be used for long durations yet the smoke causes no irritation to your eyes, nose or throat. The entire product range of the Prabhu Shriram incense collection is absolutely safe for the environment and the fragrances serve as long-lasting room fresheners. The premium quality incense sticks are made from natural ingredients and infused with essential oils which are handpicked. With a longer burning time of 30-40 minutes, our agarbattis (incense sticks) are Environment friendly and Health-friendly. By pairing high-quality traditional art with contemporary designs and modern processes. The exclusive range of products from Prabhu Shriram boasts the largest collection of Online Agarbatti including the Shripad Ramayana Series Divine Box, which has been inspired by the ten most significant events of Lord Shri Rama’s life enveloped in Madhubani Paintings, handcrafted by artists from Mithila; the Temple collection which is based on the pious cosmic energies India’s most famous temples and holy places; the Meditation Series, the Lifestyle series infused with international perfumes and various other incense collections inducing every natural fragrance on earth including their fruit and flower series, Dhoop, Sambrani Cups, Divya Jyot, and Havan Samagri. The products come with intricate storylines about the subject and give lessons on how to create a balance in our fast-moving chaotic life. Come experience our rich Indian values through fragrances from Prabhu Shriram – Incense With A Story.