Welcome to the 8000-year-old “Science of the Vedic Era”

Astrology is believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago and has been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition ever since. The main reason is that it is closely tied to Hinduism. Vedic astrology or ‘Jyotish Vidya’ operates on the premise that cosmic patterns determine human destiny and that understanding these influences can help individuals make better decisions and lead more fulfilling lives.

The term “Nakshatra” is derived from the term Naksha, which means a map, and Tara, which means a star implying the map of stars. Sages and astrologers have held the highest position in the hierarchy of scholars who have been entrusted with liberating humanity from all their worldly troubles. Through the deep knowledge of planetary positions, astrologers serve as a guiding light to heal humanity.

Dr Arun Bansal

Ms Saanvi Gupta

Dr Arun Bansal

Dr. Arun Bansal is a renowned astrologer based in New Delhi. With 42+ years of experience in the field of astrology, Dr. Bansal has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted astrologers in Delhi. He created one of the first-ever Vedic Astrology Software, LeoStar in 1978. His eminent clientele includes prominent politicians, business leaders, and celebrities from various fields. He is the Founder and Chairman of Future Point, the #1 Astrology website in India, as well as the President of the “All India Federation of Astrologers Societies,” AIFAS, the biggest Indian Federation teaching Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, and Vastu in over 100 cities across India.

Ms. Saanvi Gupta is a renowned astrologer based in New Delhi. With many years of experience in the field of astrology, she has helped thousands of people across the country with her accurate predictions and insightful guidance. Ms. Saanvi is known for her in-depth knowledge of Vedic astrology and her ability to provide personalized and practical solutions to all your problems. She has been felicitated by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivendra Singh for excellence in Astrology.