Enjoy the Mystical Aura of Temples At Home

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With over a million temples in India, the country observes a rich devotional culture that has been witnessed over the centuries by generations. Constituting of divine shrines, motifs of Gods, and mesmerizing architectural heritage temples emit immense positive energy and serenity. No wonder temples are considered “public charging sites” for people to charge their inner energies. In our daily lives, when we are all preoccupied with our hectic schedules, it becomes hard for us to visit temples regularly. However, burning an incense stick may create the holy aura that one feels in a temple.

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With the heavenly fragrance of the “Temple Series” Incense sticks, we at Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop (PSR) promise you a parikrama of the most unique and famed holy pilgrimages of India.

The fragrance of an environment is said to transport you to a memory you have experienced, and incense sticks with their aroma to transport you to a world of divinity, helping you to rekindle your inner energy. At PSR we aim to craft world-class incense sticks after intense observations and studies. Our Temple Series is devoted to a few key shrines and holy lands of India assuring a revitalized aura and surrounding, thus helping you identify and enhance your inner energies. 

Named after the pious temples Mata Shree Vaishno Devi, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Tirumala Tirupati, the PSR Temple series incense sticks take you on a journey of inner peace, thus leaving your soul energized with positivity and optimism.

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Just like temples have been preached as centers of divinity and inner energy along with displaying the roots of Indian art and culture, PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP plays a very vital role in kindling such a spiritual and learned atmosphere.

India’s rich architectural marvel and devotion are depicted in every ancient temple, similarly, the Divya Jyot from the Divya series by PSR helps you reconnect with your inner devotion leaving you with a calming effect within your mind, body, and soul.

Temples accept followers from all walks of life without discrimination or division, but what unites the devotees is the purity of their hearts for the Almighty. PSR has created 100% natural dhoop cones and agarbattis that are synonymous with purity and are made with a blend of herbs, cow dung, and calming fragrances. The PSR Shradha Shakti Series of DHOOP CONES and INCENSE STICKS emits a divine scent that represents Maa Durga’s Shakti which helps you to experience the piousness of a temple in your premises. PSR also offers you the Bhakti dhoop cones and agarbattis, an aromatic range of Leela dhoop cones and agarbattis, and the Upasna dhoop cones and agarbattis bringing you the most celestial aromas.

There is significance in visiting a temple before starting your day or folding hands in front of the lord before commencing daily activities. With PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP as a part of your daily prayers and routine, we assure you an experience that helps you start the day with positivity and serene energies.

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