Fragrances that bring Good Luck

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Aromas have the power to work on a different level of celestial vibrations that help to attract whatever we manifest from the universe. We attract those things to our life that we “put out” through our deliberate thoughts & actions. When the magic of selective fragrances is imbued in cones, dhoop sticks, incense sticks, essential oils, or scented candles, and lighted during any auspicious event brings supreme abundance, positivity, and good fortune.
7 is a sign that the life you’ve visualized is in total alignment with the universe’s divine plan. If you are looking for a gamut of fragrances that attract wealth and bring good luck, then you have landed on the right article! Here is the list of 7 magical fragrances that will help you invite prosperity & wealth and remove monetary obstacles from your life:

1- Cinnamon- Cinnamon fragrance is best known for attracting the energies of success, peace, and fortune in abundance. The sweet and spicy fragrance of Cinnamon enhances spiritual consciousness and serves to protect your accumulated wealth.

2- Clove- The spicy and sweet fragrant Clove is one of the most intensely flavored spices but is also believed to twist your luck as well. The little spice helps to break through financial blocks and brings an unending flow of wealth and happiness.

3- Vetiver- The warm and deep notes of Vetiver helps shift longstanding blocks related to money and abundance. Experience a comfortable prosperous flow by adding the fragrance of Vetiver around you.

4- Vanilla- The sweet, rich, and syrupy fragrance of Vanilla exudes warmth and aligns with the energy of money. The aroma of Vanilla helps to align with the energy of money and naturally supports the powers that make us feel cozy and safe.

5- Pine- The crispy and spicy notes of Pine lifts the spirit and helps us to feel enthusiastic about the money and the activities that attract it. The fragrance of Pine is believed to provide a thorough infusion of luck, vitality, and long-lasting affluence in your life.

6- Saffron- The strong and earthy notes of Saffron have the most magnetic fragrance in the universe. The elite spice’s fragrance when used during rituals canhelp bring about desired results such as abundance and wealth, and attract money endlessly.

7- Cardamom-The sweet and spicy fragrance of cardamom reminds us that the divine is generous and wants us to succeed. The scent of Cardamom awakens and invigorates the mind and brings a sense of grounded vitality.

Whether you use essential oils, cones, dhoop sticks, incense sticks, or scented candles, adding these fragrances to your daily practices or meditation can help manifest your pure intentions of calling in more wealth to your life.
So what are you waiting for? Light these fragrances and let the universe shower you with money, good luck, and fortune abundantly!


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