How to pray with incense sticks

The sense of smell complements our five senses. Since we are gifted with the ability to smell, it is obvious that we were destined to develop a penchant for lovely fragrances and incense. Though, it would be difficult to assess how and when this particular liking for enchanting incense was discovered. But perhaps, it dates back to the time when man discovered fire because burning something always releases a peculiar smell. Whether the smell is pleasant or pungent entirely depends on what is being burned. For instance, burning camphor releases a pleasing fragrance which purifies the air and spreads positivity. On the contrary, burning rubber or leather releases a highly unpleasant and pungent smell which is suffocating and unbearable. It is a common observation that burning inorganic substances or materials containing chemicals produce unpleasant odors which have harmful effects on our health. On the other hand, natural substances such as herbs and natural oils, when burned, spread positive vibes and remove negativity through their pleasant aromas. These natural aromas not only purify the environment but also have medicinal properties which lend us a healthy and rejuvenating touch. It is purely because of these reasons that incense sticks have gained popularity across the world to go along with religious, spiritual or wellness activities such as Yoga, Meditation and while offering prayers.

Incense sticks have acquired an important place in our homes, especially with families having a religious bent of mind. Every home with a temple or a holy space allocated for prayers will certainly have a pack of incense sticks. But very few people know how to pray using the right incense sticks. Although markets may be flooded with a massive range of incense sticks, it is difficult to make out the difference between charcoal based incense sticks having chemical ingredients and incense sticks made with natural oils and herbal ingredients. According to research on the Indian incense sticks market, it has come to light that most incense sticks have charcoal or chemical ingredients which pose serious health hazards due to their volatile nature. Therefore it is advisable to use incense sticks manufactured from a trusted brand only. Prabhu Shriram, the manufacturers of India’s best Agarbatti and Dhoop has risen to become the most reliable and established brand in terms of purity and quality assurance. Prabhu Shriram’s every single incense stick is made with natural oils and herbal ingredients and are completely charcoal free. Prabhu Shriram has lived up to their brand name and commitment by producing exclusive Incense Stick collections based on the most popular temples and shrines of India and even inspired from the life events of Lord Shri Rama viz. Shripad Ramayana Series, Temple Series, Meditation Series, Divya Series and Shraddha Shakti Series. Each of these collections is divine and created with passionate love and devotion for God. Besides these features, the organic qualities of Prabhu Shriram’s incense sticks make them ideal for use especially while offering soulful prayers.

However, as a responsible and concerned brand, Prabhu Shriram recommends you to follow the below tips when using incense sticks to make your every prayer safe and blissful.

  • Incense sticks should always be used in a well ventilated room
  • One should never sleep in the same room where incense sticks are lit up.
  • Incense sticks whether lit or unlit should be kept out of the reach of children and pets
  • One should never leave home after lighting up incense sticks or Dhoop sticks if there is no one at home.
  • Incense sticks should never be lit in a premises fitted with fire or smoke alarms
  • Incense sticks should never be lit in the presence of an Asthmatic person or someone with respiratory problems
  • Pregnant women should try and avoid the use of incense sticks
  • Do not use incense sticks with extremely strong fragrances
  • Do not use incense sticks which have a tranquilizing or sedating effect on you
  • Always use incense sticks from a trusted brand like Prabhu Shriram who use natural or organic ingredients and avoid the use of locally manufactured products.


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