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For the world, Ramayana is an epic which was composed in Sanskrit by Maharishi Valmiki probably somewhere around 8th BCE and it tells the life story of Prabhu Shriram, the supreme being who elevated to the status of the most worshipped Hindu god. But from an Indian perspective, there are a lot of aspects to this incredible holy scripture that became the foundation of transformational religious, cultural, and traditional ethics in Hinduism. This scripture serves as an attribute of a virtuous and benevolent way of life even today.

Ramayana is one of the oldest and longest epics in the literary world, comprising close to 500 chapters and 24,000 verses spread across seven parts. It is one of the most revered and celebrated scriptures of the Hindu religion which tells the epic saga of Prabhu Shriram. Believed to be the seventh reincarnation of lord Vishnu, Rama was born as the son of Kaushalya and Raja Dashratha in Ayodhya. The tale of Prabhu Shriram’s life, especially the part between his exile and return to Ayodhya constitutes the crux of this legendary religious epic.

In spite of being a king, Prabhu Shriram’s life was full of hardships, pain, and suffering which was also shared by his beloved wife, Sita, and brother, Lakshmana, during and to some extent, even after their fourteen-year exile. However, Rama persistently showed extraordinary courage, patience, virtue, generosity, and ethical decisiveness in the face of the biggest predicaments and tribulations of life. In the legendary saga Ramayana, Lord Shri Rama, as the protagonist, played a key role in forming the basis of Hindu ideologies and religious beliefs. The teachings of Ramayana, thus are important lessons for leading an enriching and meaningful life even in today’s context. Here are some of the most valuable life lessons that one can learn from “Ramayana”.

The importance of virtue

The first and the most important lesson of Ramayana is the significance of Dharma in one’s life. Prabhu Shriram always lived as a truly righteous person, fulfilling his moral duties and responsibilities as the ideal son, the perfect husband, and a virtuous king. This teaches us to shoulder our responsibilities and moral duties with the same sincerity without faltering.

The power of love

Another important lesson from Ramayana is the power of unconditional love and devotion. Shri Rama’s unrelenting love for his wife, Sita, drove him to wage a fierce battle and slay evil King Ravana in an effort to rescue her. On the other hand, Sita’s unwavering love and devotion for Prabhu Shriram gave her immense strength and power while Ravana held her captive. The lesson of pure and selfless love is the secret of immense power and strength in the darkest of hours.

The consequence of ego and arrogance

Ravana’s ego and arrogance as a powerful and wealthy ruler led him to believe that he could do whatever he felt like. His evil intentions and stubbornness ultimately became the reason for his end which is not only celebrated to this day but also made him the biggest villain for eternity. Ego, arrogance, and self-conceit give birth to arrogance and pseudo-authority over others which is the beginning of one’s downfall.

The victory of good over evil

One of the most well-known and celebrated lessons from Ramayana is that no matter how strong and powerful Evil may look or be, eventually it is always defeated by Good. This important lesson is cemented by the grand event of Shri Rama slaying the evil Ravana. To this day, this event is celebrated in the form of Dussehra and Diwali all over the world.

Lord Rama and Mata Sita are considered the epitome of family values, serving as a timeless inspiration for newly married couples and individuals seeking guidance in their relationships. Their story in the Ramayana exemplifies the ideals of love, commitment, loyalty, and mutual respect, which form the foundation of a strong and harmonious marriage.

Unwavering Devotion
Lord Rama’s unwavering devotion to Mata Sita is a symbol of eternal love and commitment. Despite their trials and tribulations during their exile, Lord Rama never wavered in his love and dedication towards Mata Sita. His actions highlight the importance of standing by one’s partner through thick and thin, fostering a bond of unwavering support.

Mutual Respect
Lord Rama and Mata Sita exemplify the essence of mutual respect in a marriage. Their relationship was built on a deep reverence for each other’s virtues, qualities, and individuality. Lord Rama highly regarded Mata Sita and valued her opinions and decisions. Similarly, Mata Sita deeply respected Lord Rama’s wisdom and unwavering commitment to righteousness. This mutual respect created a strong foundation of trust and understanding.

Sacrifice and Selflessness
Lord Rama’s selfless actions and sacrifices for the well-being of his family serve as a profound lesson for married couples. When Mata Sita was abducted by Ravana, Lord Rama embarked on an arduous journey to rescue her, displaying his boundless love and willingness to do whatever it took to protect his spouse. This act of selflessness and sacrifice underscores the importance of putting one’s partner’s needs above personal desires.

Upholding Responsibilities
Lord Rama and Mata Sita fulfilled their responsibilities toward each other and their family with utmost sincerity. Lord Rama’s commitment to his duty as a husband and a king is an embodiment of honor and integrity. Similarly, Mata Sita’s unwavering dedication as a devoted wife and mother showcases the importance of fulfilling familial responsibilities with devotion and care.

By imbibing the values displayed by Lord Rama and Mata Sita, newly married couples can strive to create a loving and harmonious relationship. Their story teaches the importance of love, devotion, mutual respect, sacrifice, responsibility, and loyalty laying a strong foundation for a blissful married life. Embracing these virtues can lead to a deeper connection, understanding, and enduring happiness in the journey of marriage.

Ramayana serves as a timeless reservoir of wisdom, guiding individuals toward a virtuous and benevolent way of life. Its teachings continue to resonate in contemporary times, offering valuable insights into navigating the complexities of existence. Inspired by these important lessons from Ramayana, Prabhu Shriram- India’s Best Agarbatti and Dhoop, the manufacturer of the most premium Agarbatti and Dhoop have dedicated their brand’s philosophy and product range to the greatness of Lord Shriram. The 100% charcoal-free and natural ingredients used in these products exude the same purity and divinity through their enthralling fragrance as that of the holy Ramayana.

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