Join India’s FIRST Festival of Fragrance- “Saundhi”

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Prabhu Shriram-Incense with a Story is proud to introduce “Saundhi” – The Festival of Fragrance, a groundbreaking celebration of scents, stories, and surprises that will captivate your senses like never before. Starting from the 18th of October and continuing until the 1st of November, is set to make history as the very first Indian ONLINE fragrance festival. Whether you’re a seasoned fragrance enthusiast or just starting your olfactory adventure, Saundhi is a captivating celebration that promises to indulge and inspire your senses. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind online experience that will leave you immersed in the soulful and rich stories of Indian aromatic history, all through the enchanting medium of scents.

‘Kannauj art of perfumery’

Ancient Indian perfumery is a captivating and culturally rich art form that dates back thousands of years, deeply embedded in the country’s history and traditions. The origins of perfumery in India can be traced to the Indus Valley Civilization, where evidence of scented oils and incense has been uncovered.

Over time, this aromatic tradition evolved and expanded, with ancient texts like the Arthashastra describing the meticulous processes of perfumery. Fragrance played a vital role in daily life, from religious rituals to personal grooming and even medicinal practices. India was known for its exquisite natural ingredients like sandalwood, jasmine, and rose, which were skillfully blended to create fragrances that not only delighted the senses but also had therapeutic qualities.

This ancient art of perfumery, with its timeless allure and aromatic secrets, continues to inspire modern perfumers and remains a testament to India’s rich heritage of sensory pleasures. Our brand aims to enrich your understanding of Indian aromatic history with Cultural Quizzes, Interactive Games, a range of Festive Gifts, Blessing Coin showers, and exciting dealsEVERY DAY. We invite you all to embark on a sensory journey like no other as Saundhi” transports you into a world of delightful fragrances, thrilling surprises, and unforgettable experiences.

||This is not just a festival; it’s a fragrant bliss that you wouldn’t want to miss.||


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