“Love for Life is Love for God”Bring home the power of “Upasana”

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We are all searching for something in life. Our search for love & affection; passion & ambition; and our search for prayer & devotion lead us through multiple avenues in life.

“Prayers” are the most powerful way of connecting with God. It is stated that when a prayer is offered with a pure heart, it reaches directly to God. Showing a “Sense of devotion (Bhakti)” towards God evokes concentration in our work & relationships. When we show “Love (Leela)” to the Almighty, it instills genuine affection in our hearts toward others, and showing “Dedication-(Upasana)” towards our “Aaradhya” charges up & gives power to our daily thoughts.

The power of prayers strengthens the connection, whether it’s to a higher power or to anything that an individual finds important in life. Inculcating the values of Determination, Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, and Duty in our life, prayers help us to win over any obstacles in our life. It cultivates an emotion of humility and acceptance towards other people in our lives and takes us to the deeper realm of sacredness.

Prayers impart benefits at three levels: Activity, Thought, and Attitude. They add spiritual emotion to any activity, leading to fewer mistakes in it. When it comes to thoughts, they are bound to appear, as long as the human mind is active. Prayers prevent any undesirable thought to misuse the positive energies of our mind. Thus, regular praying inculcates a positive attitude in a human being, leading him on the path of a spiritual journey.

Burning incense sticks while praying purifies the process and empowers our spiritual focus. Thus, the power of prayers becomes so immense that when a family prays together, the aromatic fragrances of the incense sticks evoke the same emotions of love, dedication & devotion within them, deepen their relationships, and foster a sense of connection. Keeping the same emotions in the mind, the brand Prabhu Shriram- India’s Best Agarbatti and Dhoop brings the Upasana Premium Agarbatti- Luxury Box from the “Shraddha Shakti Collection” infused with the aroma of unique essential oils. The box is inspired by the divine energies of Maa Durga- the feminine epitome of protection, strength, motherhood, and willpower. These premium incense sticks are for the people who celebrate life and live it to the fullest. Their 100% Charcoal- Free and health-friendly products do not irritate the nose & throat even with continued usage. With a 5-hour Aroma lock technology, give “Supreme Power” to your prayers to seek the blessings of Maa Durga’s Shakti and cure all obstacles in your life.


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