History Of Incense Sticks

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India is a place of many cultures and customs, and people pray to God in a variety of ways. People have shown their devotion to the almighty through diverse rituals and traditions for centuries. Rishis and Gurus used to do havans in ancient times because they believed it connected them with God. The holiness and purity of the havan maintain a balance and excludes any unwanted energies from our surroundings, primarily from our body, mind, and soul.

The main objective of doing havans in ancient times was to achieve spiritual enlightenment, mental serenity, and environmental cleanliness. As time passed and the practice of conducting havans declined, the Atharva Veda and Rig Veda introduced the age of lighting agarbattis began (incense sticks). According to Vedic Times, the primary reason for advocating the usage of incense sticks was to eliminate undesirable aromas and to provide a nice fragrance. Later, it got interwoven into the Ayurvedic medical system and religious activities also. People began to transition from havans to agarbattis for daily prayers to God since incense sticks began to impart the same essence of purity as havans. Gradually, the significance of agarbattis grew, and the practice of burning incense sticks became embedded in our society. The scent of incense sticks stimulated emotional and physical reactions, allowing people to concentrate and memorize information. Eventually, incense sticks became beneficial for meditation, yoga, and several spiritual purposes.

The popularity of using incense sticks declined tremendously when products in the fragrance market got adulterated with the usage of chemicals that deteriorated their purity. The enhanced use of impure incense sticks led to more smoke production which overall harmed the environment. The fumes which used to radiate positivity around us started to irritate our eyes. The side effects of burning incense sticks made people drift away from their cultural practices. Moreover, modernization pulled people away from their ethics and values. For health-related concerns, people pulled back from products with impurities and harmful chemicals and the process of lighting incense became obsolete.

Paving a way into modern civilization, Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop ideated the concept of chemical-free agarbatti for people who strongly believed in incense and its sacredness. Considering the power and importance of incense sticks in our life, Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop introduced a range of agarbattis that are charcoal-free, infused with natural fragrances, and release less smoke into the environment thus, does not irritate our nose or throat. These incense sticks help in easing stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and boost the feeling of relaxation. The exclusive range of Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop is composed of aromatic plant materials which help to attain higher concentration levels and the aroma refreshes your mind, body, and soul. The Flower Series by Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop is one-of-a-kind with its unique packaging. The series includes the floral aromas of Marigold, Parijat, Kewda, and Mogra that creates a wonderful ambiance in your surroundings. These freshly-picked flower-like fragrances can be used during various auspicious occasions and puja. For the people who still believe in the practice of performing havans, Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop also brings Divya Havan Samagri which includes herbs and special sacred ingredients that were used during performing havans in ancient times. It also maintains the purity of the environment and eradicates the negativities all around. The products by Prabhu Shriram Premium Agarbatti and Dhoop help you to connect with your ethics and values thus uplifting our Indian culture and tradition.


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