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One of the most potent tools in a craftsman’s toolbox is color, as it can be both felt and perceived, and by simply comprehending their meanings, one can use these to elicit desired psychological feelings and reactions.

Chromotherapy also known as color therapy, is based on the theory that colors induce an electrical impulse to be formed in the brain and asserts that it can have therapeutic advantages that can either heal or soothe us.

Color psychology, which is the study of how different hues could influence the behavior and perceptions of different individuals, is distinct from color therapy.  It is based on the theory that certain colors might have an impact on our “energy” and therefore our health. Keeping in mind the power of colors, PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP aims to heal your inner self and channelize your emotions with its uniquely aromatic charcoal-free color agarbattis.

 The earthy BROWN COLOR and naturally warm fragrance of PSR’S JAAP AGARBATTI breathes life into the soul. Its deep brown hue, regarded as the color of stability and dependability, heals the soul from the inside out, banishing negativity and bringing the body into harmony in all its aspects.

The practice of color therapy originated in Indian ayurvedic medicines, asserting that employing specific colors can correct imbalances in our body’s chakras. The most abundantly found color, Green is considered the color of the Heart Chakra and is connected to the immune system. It enhances mental clarity and develops compassion, hence has the potential to help people unwind and de-stress explaining the serenity one finds in the lap of mother nature. The house of PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP has channelized the energy of the COLOR GREEN IN KAVYA INCENSE STICKS, which with its 100 percent natural and refreshing fragrance will carry you into the calm natural abode of peace and will detoxify you mentally.

A color that energizes or invigorates a physically or mentally tired person is Red, and SWASTI INCENSE STICKS by PSR with its RED COLOR has the same efficacy. Its eco-friendly and blissful aroma has the power to rejuvenate your senses and relax your nerves.

Blue is a color that chroma-therapists use to alleviate pain and depression. Dark blue hues may be used to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders as they are also known to have sedative qualities. PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP has crafted BLUE INCENSE STICKS by the name KUSUM AGARBATTIS which with its mesmerizing fragrance transcends your atmosphere to calm and pleasant. Every color has its unique significance and speaks for itself. They have the power to lift your spirits and bring positivity into your life. Banish negativity with the charcoal-free Color series incense sticks by PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP as a part of your daily prayers and begin the day on a positive note.


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