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Ramayana reflects the finest values of Indian culture and serves as the warp and weft of the ideal civilization that humanity has yet to achieve. It has unimaginable potential to shape the cultural mindset of India thanks to figures like Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Lakshman, Bharat, and many others who personify ethics. The moral dilemmas that the protagonists encounter and overcome bear a startling resemblance to those that mankind is currently facing. Lord Rama is a role model for an ideal human being because of the values of truth, sacrifice for morality, promise, and devotion that run throughout his life.

 A storehouse of perpetual knowledge, it exerts great influence on the activities and thoughts of the people of India. The various incidents in this epic enlighten mankind on innumerable ethics. PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP celebrates these episodes and brings you the exotically perfumed charcoal-free collection of the SHRIPAD RAMAYAN SERIES.

The Ramayana has an unimaginable impact on the family and social life, culture, and literature of the people of India. The Ramayana apprises society of the virtues of an ideal son, husband, friend, guru, brother, and wife. SUGRIV SAHYOG, KEVAT PREM, GURU KRIPA AGARBATTIS from the SHRIPAD RAMAYAN SERIES  commemorate these ideals and present before you the fragrance of the spirit of friendship, love, and respect. The aroma of India’s Best Agarbatti and Dhoop by PSR  will transform you into the spiritual realm of Ram Rajya.

 The attributes like faithfulness, sincerity, obedience, and truthfulness are the spine of a civilized society. These high ideals portrayed in the great Ramayana strongly influence the Indian people and help build human character. The exemplary principles depicted in the Ramayana are considered religious teachings because characters delineated in the epic are elevated to the rank of gods by the common people of India. Lord Rama, Sita Mata,  Lakshman, and even the mighty monkey chief Hanuman are all worshipped as deities.

Each event of this glorious epic Ramayana has a tremendous influence on the individual life of the common people. The charisma of the khandan of the enormous Dhanush by Lord Rama, the welcoming of Sita Mata after her swayamvar, and the aura of the  Ram Darbar with Lakshman as the ideal brother have all been infused in the captivating fragrance of  RAM DARBAR, VATIKA, SITA AAGMAN, DHANUSH KHANDAN agarbattis and will evoke within you the values illustrated in this foundation stone of Indian culture and social life, based on which the structure of the present society has been flourishing.

  PRABHU SHRIRAM PREMIUM AGARBATTI AND DHOOP  pays tribute to the ideologies portrayed in the RAMAYANA with its 100 % natural agarbattis. It honors the art of the artists from Mithila who have adorned the exclusive packs of incense sticks with their hand-painted representations of the world-famous Madhubani Paintings. These unique and beautiful packs can be used as gift envelopes, embellishments for your walls, or as educative bookmarks. Packed with a Golden stand to avoid spilling ash, this divine box is a perfect gift for weddings or any family function. These exotically perfumed, long-lasting incense sticks by PSR also keep away mosquitoes, kindle meditative thoughts, help maintain inner balance and assure a blissful ambiance throughout the day. Buy these online and spread the ethos of this grand epic, RAMAYANA.


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