JPSR Jasmine & Lavender Luxury Double Fragrance Incense Sticks


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Burning Time 30-35 Minutes
Weight 140 Grams
No Of Sticks/Qty. 100 Sticks
Brand JPSR
Packaging Cylindrical Pack

Discover a fresh and exotic blend of two captivating scents, Jasmine and Lavender, that you have never experienced before thanks to JPSR from Prabhu Shriram’s residence. A well-balanced combination in which each aroma expresses its exceptional traits in a most eloquent way. Only when sitting in a lush green garden full of jasmine and lavender flowers, or when lying down under the stars in a verdant valley surrounded by white blooming jasmines and stunning purple-colored lavender flowers, can you fully appreciate the finest and most exceptional combination of the two most endearing fragrances in the world: jasmine and lavender. This is a set of 50 Jasmine and 50 Lavender Luxury Double Fragrance incense sticks by Prabhu Shriram Incense with a story.

The origins of the Jasmine myth are thought to be in Persia, which is today known as Iran. According to folklore, a Tuscan gardener received a jasmine plant from Persian traders and planted it in his garden. He gave his sweetheart the flowers when they bloomed. Their scent captivated her so much that she accepted his proposal of marriage. Since then, jasmine flowers have been a customary feature of the bridal bouquet in Tuscany. Jasmine, which is also referred to as the “Queen of the Night” in India, begins to exude its scent after sundown and, strangely, becomes even more seductive on full moon nights.

When it comes to giving, decorating, medicinal uses, or culinary applications, lavender flowers are also very significant. Strong therapeutic qualities found in lavender’s herbal features are used to cure a variety of health problems, such as skin conditions, fungal infections, nausea, and insomnia. The deep purple colors of lavender flowers have a very calming effect on our minds and have a very pleasant psychological effect.


Natural and Refreshing
Air Purifying
100% Chemical free
Harmless smoke
Transforms the Ambience

About the Product-

Relaxation & Stress Relief: The calming properties of lavender combined with the uplifting notes of jasmine create a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for unwinding or meditation.
Aromatherapy Experience: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of both jasmine and lavender, known to soothe anxiety and promote restful sleep.
Long-lasting Fragrance: Crafted with high-quality ingredients, these incense sticks deliver a consistent and long-lasting aromatic experience.
Natural Ingredients: Rest assured, these incense sticks are free from harmful chemicals, allowing you to breathe easy and enjoy the pure essence of these natural fragrances.


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