JPSR Kannauj Collection Premium Incense Sticks


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Burning Time 30-35 Minutes
Weight 140 Grams
No Of Sticks/Qty. 100 Sticks
Brand JPSR
Packaging Box Pack

INCENSE STORY – Discover the splendor of the JPSR Kannauj Collection, an exquisite assortment of incense sticks that embodies the rich history of Kannauj, known as the “Perfume Capital” of India. Located in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, Kannauj has a millennium-old perfumery heritage and its very soil has a natural scent. Every incense stick from the JPSR Kannauj Collection creates a tapestry of rich scents that fill your home with a timeless elegance.

The creators of “Incense with a Story,” Prabhu Shriram, take inspiration from this fragrant heritage to create a collection that is unmatched. Each stick is painstakingly made and infused with the same scents that have brought centuries of beauty to Kannauj.

Available in 5 fascinating fragrances:

  • Kannauj Kewra
  • Kannauj Gulab
  • Kannauj Mitti
  • Kannauj Bela
  • Kannauj Khas

Features of our Products-

A Legacy Unfolded: Close your eyes and inhale. The JPSR Kannauj Collection transports you on a sensory journey through time, connecting you to the ancient art of Kannauj perfumery.
Exquisite Aromas: Each fragrance is a masterpiece, a harmonious blend of rare florals, captivating spices, and deep, earthy notes.
Luxury in Every Stick: Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, these incense sticks offer a long-lasting and consistent aromatic experience.
100% Natural : 100% herbal fragrance goes beyond just a pleasant scent.

About our Product-

Authentic Kannauj Fragrances: Experience the genuine aromas that have made Kannauj famous for centuries.
Exquisite Blends: Immerse yourself in a variety of captivating scents, each meticulously crafted for a unique sensory experience.
Premium Quality: Made with the finest ingredients, these incense sticks offer a long-lasting and consistent fragrance.
Handcrafted: Appreciate the artistry and attention to detail that goes into each incense stick.
Luxurious Packaging: The elegant presentation makes the JPSR Kannauj Collection a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.
Rich Cultural Connection: Every inhalation is a connection to the vibrant history and heritage of Kannauj.


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