Prabhu Shriram Bhakti Premium Dhoop Cones | Cylindrical Packs #ForATrueDevotee

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Earn 13 Blessing Coins

“Prayer is all about togetherness”
It is said that when a prayer is performed with a pure heart, it reaches straight to God. The need to connect with your “Aaradhya” to seek blessings & show your supreme devotion is the desire of every individual.
The fragrance of “Bhakti” Dhoop Cones is inspired by the eternal tales of Lord Hanuman’s unrelenting commitment, faith, & devotion to Lord Ram. When a family prays together, the divine energies of these dhoop cones inculcate the same emotions of supreme devotion towards each other & strengthen bonds.
The natural herbs infused in these dhoop cones are so divine that it unfolds your spiritual realms and evokes a “Sense of pure devotion” towards God. Revel in the soulful aroma of the Bhakti Dhoop Cones from the Shraddha Shakti Collection by Prabhu Shriram, India’s Best Agarbatti and Dhoop.
This Standard box comes with 30 Cones that create a spiritual aura and pious energies of devotional prayers around.

Additional Features

• 100% Charcoal-free, Nature inspired fragrances
• Burning time of 30-35 minutes
• Does not irritate the nose or throat
• Eradicates the negativities around you
• Creates a sacred and serene aura

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