JPSR Shani Premium Puja Kit


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Lord Shani, the son of Surya Dev (the Sun God) and Chayya (Goddess Shade), is an embodiment of the planet Saturn. He is the deity of justice who gives the results according to the person?s Karma (personal deeds).

The Shani Dev Puja Kit is dedicated to Lord Shani to keep all the misfortunes & negativities away and induce optimism in the life of the worshipper. Black is the color of Lord Shani and black sesame seeds, black lentils, and black thread is used to please Lord Shani during Shani Puja. Performing this puja, especially on Saturdays, blesses the worshipper with success, name, & fame and releases him from his karmic debts.

ShaniYantra establishes higher vibrations that elevate positive energies and help to enhance the spirituality within. Worshipping Shani Yantra during Shani puja gives accurate results. It also raises the intensity of prayer and makes our thoughts more powerful and impactful.

Offer your prayers to Lord Shani and seek his divine blessings with Shani Puja Kit from Prabhu Shriram- India?s Best Agarbatti and Dhoop.

The Contents of this pack include:

Agarbatti| Divya Sambrani Cups | Shani Yantra| Shani Chalisa| Kaali daal| Sarso Tel| Laung| Elaichi| Supari| Kala Til| Roli| Akshat| Camphor| Kala Dhaaga


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