Shraddha Shakti Collection Luxury Gift Pack Dhoop

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Fragrances that give power to your soulful prayers

Prayers” are the most powerful way of connecting ourselves with God. It is said that all manifestations when conveyed with utmost dedication and devotion, ultimately reach God.

“Prayer is all about Togetherness.” It encourages families to become more sensitive toward each other’s feelings. When we come together and show our faith in God, express our love towards him, and ask for his strength in times of difficulty, it enhances the bond of the family.

With the holy fragrance of Shraddha Shakti Collection- Luxury Gift Pack, put your unrelenting commitment & faith towards God, evoke a “Sense of devotion” in yourself, enlighten your soul with the “Love for Almighty”, and give “Supreme Power” to your prayers.

The fragrances of these dhoop cones evoke the same emotions within the families, strengthen relationships, and foster a sense of connection.

Gift your loved ones, the heavenly fragrances that help carry their prayers directly to the Almighty.

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Question: How many cones we get pet packet
Answer: 30 Cone in each pack Total 90 Cones